April 02-05, 2018
San Francisco, California

Tactical Ice Maker (TIM)

Tactical Ice Maker (TIM)

The TIM is suitable for producing ice cubes or serving as a freezer in harsh environments. It is readily deployed worldwide operating from local AC or DC voltages as well as the optional solar / battery backup feature.

  • Rugged, fully automatic ice maker
  • High-efficiency, sealed compressor.
  • 110 VAC input std.; other AC or DC voltages available.
  • EPA approved environmentally safe refrigerants.
  • Ultra-quiet operation for noise sensitive areas.
  • Solar panels and battery backup optional.
  • Removable wheels/tires for use in sand or gravel.
  • NATO Slave cables for vehicle power utilization.
tactical ice machine
Tactical Ice Maker (TIM)
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