Tactical Environmental Control Units (TECU) Portable 7,000 BTU Cooling

Tactical Environmental Control Units (TECU) 7000 BTU Cooling

In a hostile environment, you don't want to hear “The system is overheated.” Lives may be at stake, and you need your equipment to function! Fortunately, we have the solution: ETI’s new TECU (Tactical Environmental Control Unit), a portable rugged air conditioning system will keep your vital electronics cool, hot, or humidity-free enough to function! Keep your systems cool and operational with ETI's TECU.


  • 7,000 BTU Maximum cooling capacity
  • 1.5KW heating capacities available
  • 120 VAC input capacities
  • 220 VAC input optionally available
  • Enclosed in rugged wheeled case with casters for portability
  • Multiple Applications:
    1. Keeps sensitive servers or electronics cool to prevent failure.
    2. Heat components that need to be kept within a narrow temperature range
    3. Control or reduce humidity where necessary
    4. Condition air in rooms or vehicles
  • Useful in many Facilities:
    • Ground Support Facilities
    • Communication Sites
    • Medical Tents and Trailers
    • Computer/Server Rooms
    • Emergency Cooling
    • Lab Cooling
    • Warehouses
    • Military Shelters
    • Radar Sites
    • Eating Facilities
    • Mobile sites: trailers, buses, trucks or other vehicles.
  • Can be used as a primary cooling system, or in addition to other cooling devices.
  • Multiple TECUs can be operated in tandem to cool large areas or to meet other specific temperature requirements.
  • Quiet operation for noise sensitive operation.
  • Manual drain pan built in. 
  • Case made from rotational molded polyethylene
  • Developed and produced according to MIL - Standards.

Part No.
Cooling Capacity
Heating Capacity
Cooling Amps
Heating Amps
AC Input
7000 BTU
1.5 KW
7,000 BTU

80 Sq. In.
H x W x D
36" x 26" x 36"
Tactical ECU provides hours of cooling in a portable rugged case.
Tactical ECU Portable Rugged Case
  • Remote operation thermostat control
  • Condensate removal system
  • Also available in a fixed mount for use in trailers, vehicles, or facilities.
  • Available in Black, Desert Tan, or other custom colors
  • Air filter
  • Microprocessor controller digital display
  • Heating element
  • EMI/RFI protection
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