Tactical Environmental Control Units Fixed/Mount or Portable

Tactical Environmental Control Units (TECU)

ETI's TECU products are available to meet your shelter or equipment temperature and humidity needs! These portable rugged air conditioning systems will maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels for vital electronics or personnel to keep them functioning in challenging environments!

TECU Features

  • High-efficiency, sealed compressor.
  • Available with/without heating capabilities.
  • Remote mount digital thermostat controller.
  • Lighter weight and smaller footprint than traditional ECUs.
  • Standard 115 VAC, 60 Hz operation from shore or generator power.
    • 3 Phase input (115/220 VAC) optional at 50, 60, or 400 Hz
  • EPA approved environmentally safe refrigerants.
  • Air filters are easily removed and cleaned.
  • Can be used as a primary cooling system, or in addition to other cooling devices.
  • Multiple TECUs can be operated in tandem to cool large areas or to meet other specific temperature requirements.
  • Quiet operation for noise sensitive applications.
  • Condensate removal system.
  • Durable, flexible, supply and return air ducts.
  • Ducts weather-resistant and thermally insulated.

TECU Products desigened for portable or fixed mount:

Portable TECUs Tactical ECU provides hours of cooling in a portable rugged case.
Our TECUs are available built into rugged portable transit cases.
Cooling Capacity
Heating Capacity
1.5 KW
1.5 KW
2 KW
2.5 KW
Fixed Mount TECUs
Tactical ECU provides hours of cooling in a fixed mount rugged case.
Built into rugged metal enclosures; mountable on trailers, vehicles or equipment containers/shelters.
Cooling Capacity
Heating Capacity
1.5 KW
1.5 KW
2 KW
2.5 KW

Portable TECU Enclosure Features

  • Enclosed in rugged wheeled case for portability.
  • Internal assembly isolated for mechanical shock and vibration per Mil-Standard 810.
  • Internal TECU assembly slides out of transit case for easy access if needed for maintenance.
  • Folding handles on all sides for lifting.
  • Rugged wheels/tires sized for use in gravel or sandy environments.
  • Wheels easily removed for when not needed.

TECU Options

  • 12, 24, 48 or 72 VDC input optional.
  • NATO Slave cables for vehicle power utilization.
  • Multiple length ducts available.
  • Various porosity air filter media available.
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