Tactical Environmental Control Units Fixed/Mount Up to 14,000 BTU Cooling

Tactical Environmental Control Units (TECU)

ETI's Line of Tactical Environmental Control Units (TECU) are available to meet your cooling needs. In a hostile environment, you don't want to hear “The system is overheated.” Lives may be at stake, and you need your equipment to function! Fortunately, we have the solution: ETI’s new TECU (Tactical Environmental Control Unit), a portable rugged air conditioning system will keep your vital electronics cool, hot, or humidity-free enough to function! Keep your systems cool and operational with ETI's TECU.

Versions Available:

Fixed Mount TECUs
Tactical ECU provides hours of cooling in a fixed mount rugged case.
Built into rugged metal enclosures; mountable on trailers, vehicles or equipment containers/shelters.
Cooling Capacity
Heating Capacity
1.5 KW
1.5 KW
2 KW
2.5 KW
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